Howzit okes.

This week I watched every single episode of Lost in a row. But I ran into some problems. There are 25 episodes in each season, and there are six seasons. After I did the maths I realised I would need 25 hours in a day if I was going to manage to watch them all before Sunday lunch.

That’s why I bought an iPad.

The iPad allowed me to watch two seasons at the same time. What I decided to do was watch season 6 at the same time as season 1. After that I would watch season 2 at the same time as season 5, and so on.
I call this Clive’s Storyline Analysis, or CSI. I know it should really be CSA but I like the program called CSI Miami.

My technique allows me to analyse the storyline of the show and check for any inconsistencies or loopholes that may have arisen from the first to the last season.

Here are my findings:

(1) The chick with the black hair starts off hotter than the chick with the blonde hair. But then the chick with the blonde hair dies.
(2) The black smoke starts off dressing up like the one oke’s dad and keeps running away. In the end we find out that the black smoke was actually just another oke. I don’
t think this works
(3) One of the okes was in the Lord of the Rings. I don’t think this works.
(4) In the end it seemed like everything that happened in the entire 6 seasons was a dream. However, I watched season 6 at the same time as the first season, so the rest of the series was ruined for me because I kept shouting for the main oke to wake up.The lesson is: Shows should be capable of being watched simultaneously without being stupid.