Some okes will say that 2011 was the beginning of the end. I say, they’re wrong. It was the end of the end. You okes just don’t realise it yet.

Why do you I say this? A number of reasons.

First of all Barak Obama is still the president of America.

Now I’m not a racist, over fifty percent of my friends are black.

But, Obama said he was going to change everything and he hasn’t changed anything. He came into office in 2009 and last year was 2011. That’s three years in office. Three is a significant number in America, because there are three corners in a triangle, and there’s a triangle on the back of the dollar bill. Underneath it is written Annuit cœptis which in Latin means, “to nod”. Since Obama has been in office for three years without doing anything, it means he is giving “the nod” to the illuminati to show them that he is on their side. It’s a known fact that once the nod has been given, there is no turning back.

Therefore I prove my point, because once there’s no turning back it’s basically the same as if it’s already happened. The end, I mean.

Now I know what some okes will say, the world is set to finish at the end of 2012. Those okes are just gullible. That stuff was all based on the Mayan Calendar. But those Mayan okes lived like a thousand years ago. They didn’t know anything.

But maybe in a round about way, those okes are right cause if the world is already over now, then it is basically over then also. But that’s not really the point.

My main point is that the apocalypse has already started. That’s why I’m leaving this country a-SA-p!

I’m going to live in Argentina, cause it’s a known fact that Argentina is the safest place to be during the apocalypse.

Happy New Year,