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The Ku Klux Klan's latest fashion range is paraded in New York

A doctor explains the government's new plan to insert the controversial E-Tags into the brains of people who own cars. The tags will sit just in front of the eye, and will flash the word "Mandela" to ease any frustration.

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The buck watched the race from a safe distance, carefully selecting its next victim...



Hey, remember that YouTube guy?

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Pope Benedict XVI denies compromising strict Catholic doctrine in order to increase popularity

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Captain Crimestop, both before and then after he was told that his life was a joke

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Justin Bieber is shown what will happen if he ever sings "Never Say Never" again

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Helen Zille pauses mid-sentence in her speech about toll roads to praise Jesus

"Ey bra, I love to pretend we've qualified for tournaments. This time I'm imagining World Cup 2014!"

Trevor Manuel gives his own explanation as to why Jacob Zuma makes so many misogynistic statements

"It's like I say to journalists," joked FIFA President Sepp Blatter. "When it comes to corruption, my hands are clean."