In David Icke’s new book Lizard men left clues for our survival he explains that the Illuminate (who are the okes who control everything) left clues for smart people to survive the end of the world, which is happening this year. According to David Icke:

  • The end of the world this year was a planned event which was decided by Freemasons and has not much to do with Mayans.
  • There is a “Safety Zone” that has been decided by the Illuminate which will be safe from the end of the world. But according to David Icke only the elite will find out what the location is.  
  • The clues to the Safety Zone, according to David Icke, are found in the world’s most iconic icons. Like big buildings that you recognise.

I’ve done lank research on this and I have a theory now about where the Safety Zone is.

My theory

If you look carefully, the world’s most iconic icons form letters. If you look even more carefully, those letters form a word which is also a place.

I have realised that the reason the Twin Towers were wiped out was because they were two “I”s in a row, which the illuminate realised isn’t in any words.

Louis Armstrong

When working out the secret location, the letters must come in the right order. It’s obvious to any smart okes that the order must be based on Louis Armstrong’s preferred holiday destinations (from best to worst).

Why, you ask? You will have to read my last blog: The End of the World and Louis Armstrong.

The order

The order of these icons is:  Taj Mahal; Eiffel Tower; Big Ben; Pyramid; Stonehenge; Empire State Building

(because Louis Armstrong didn’t like New York.)

Taj Mahal

Everyone knows the Taj Mahal is a lekker place to chill, but it wasn’t built by some rich oke, it was actually commissioned by the head of the Freemasons at the time, and everyone knows that. If you flip it upside-down it actually makes a M.

Next is the Eiffel Tower, which is clearly a A.

People think the Big Ben is just a clock, but it’s not, it’s also a building to the side that makes a L.

The pyramids were built by aliens. Aliens starts with A.

Stonehenge was an ancient shrine built to worship the lizard men (according to David Icke). This one is much older than any of the others, and that’s why you have to flip it to get the true letter – a W.

Finally, Louis Armstrong’s worst destination – the Empire State Building. It’s obviously a I.


My theory clearly means that Malawi is the Safety Zone, and I’m pretty confident I am correct because lizards love lakes.