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For me, music is something to be enjoyed at the right time in the right place.

For lots of other people, music is something to vomit out in public places so that everyone in the immediate area is forced to indulge in your poor taste.

There’s nothing impressive about lining your car with enough sound to contact the ancestors and then driving around the city like an ambulance sponsored by Lil Wayne. If you’re someone who announces their arrival about 7 kilometres before you arrive, then you’re a tosser. I have to wonder what kind of joy this music brings you when you can physically feel your eardrums eroding with every beat of every shit song.

But it’s the public aspect that’s more disturbing than the loudness. This is proved by how annoying people are who walk around with their cell phones blaring as though the music were providing guidance on where next to walk. Again, it’s really not obvious to me how much someone could enjoy music coming from a Nokia C3-00 at full volume. It’s kind of like preferring to watch a movie on an economy-class long-haul flight to watching on the big screen.

In summary: I think both groups can benefit from some earphones.

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Vogue saw too much

I was reading an article that said that black people can’t be racist , that it is “impossible”. I want to argue against this.



According to the dictionary, racism is “the doctrine that a certain race is superior to any or all others”.  What some people are saying is that ONLY white people are able to do this. They are saying that black people simply cannot think of other races as inferior.

To me, this kind of talk sounds very racist. It reminds me of old racist ideologies from the apartheid regime saying things like “black people can’t be educated” or “black people couldn’t run the country” which is nonsense. Saying “black people can’t do X or Y” is rubbish and has been disproved over and over.

Saying that black people can’t be racist is denying us the right to be racist, and is just another way for racists to be racist. Black people can do anything white people do, and to think otherwise is just racist.

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